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Data Acquisition, Processing, Analysis, Annotation And Data Labelling Service

Engineers and Technicians at MEI Infotech possesses a variety of talent aspects and the capacity to provide data annotation and data labelling services at high level degree of accuracy. We have well-established hands-on experience in processing sensitive data on a wide scale for more than ten years. High-quality annotated and labelled data are available to the entire satisfaction of client’s demand by our expert and trained engineers. We offer data annotation and labelling services at reasonable competitive price.

Mei Infotech delivers high-quality input data and in-depth annotations for AI algorithms, resulting in algorithms that are continually improved in accuracy thanks to quick responses and the best internal annotation team.


Worlds largest Data Analysis, AI, Automation Company with Integrity


World Class Talent Acquired Technical Team with Human Values and Ethics

Our Strong Valued Business Ethics

Genuity, Reliability, Purity, Security, Accuracy Timely Data Delivery and Optimum Pricing

Data processing for AI and automation

High Quality with Accuracy

Data Annotation enables the machines to learn and train datasets with the highest level of accuracy by confronting international standards of data quality

Fully Scalable Solution

Consistent and constant sourcing of streaming data is one of the industrial demands for the machines to learning and training of the real time environments. The scalability of the work force and economic challenges the growth and fulfil the project completion. We have well trained and experienced work force to execute and implement the demanding solutions of all situations

Data Security & Privacy

We gained strong trust and confidence of our clients on the privacy, security and confidentiality of data in work execution by adhering to the international data security, privacy and confidentiality norms.