3D Cuboid Annotation

Human beings are 3D creatures. The human eyes perceive the objects in 2D only and send it to retina. The human brain combines two 2D images and extrapolate the depth of object to sense the 3D objects called Stereoscopic vision. Spatial objects are in 3D which has different lengths, heights and widths. But scientifically the real-world things are multidimensional that cannot be sensed by human eyes.

Detailed precision data are the soul of some industries like automating the medical field, power generation, financial domains etc., Such industries are hunting for the 3D cuboid image data. This annotation is for detailed object recognition. This annotation methodis used to create a true ground dataset for the real time 3D vision. A convenient and advanced onestop solution of 3D Cuboid Annotation services is provided at MEI Infotech.

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Data Annotation enables the machines to learn and train datasets with the highest level of accuracy by confronting international standards of data quality

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Consistent and constant sourcing of streaming data is one of the industrial demands for the machines to learning and training of the real time environments. The scalability of the work force and economic challenges the growth and fulfil the project completion. We have well trained and experienced work force to execute and implement the demanding solutions of all situations

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